Get your Flickr account

If you are into photography I warmly suggest you to get your own Flickr account and join the community. For me Flickr is everyday source of inspiration in photography. I have also met so many wonderful people in Flickr and even if I haven’t seen them in person I can easily call many of them my friends. Just go to the Flickr pages ( and browse through photos and people’s photostreams. Open your own account (yes, there is also a free one) and upload some shots. Connect with some other photographers and mark them as your contacts. You will very soon notice what I mean here.

A sign of Autumn

Above mushroom shot with Canon 5D Mark II and Canon 200/2.8 L lens.


One comment

  1. So true, flickr is the best web site for photography, not because of its displays or photo control, but because the community of people. We are almost all people who find photography an interesting hobby, which is what is great too.

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