Problems in adjusting myself

I have recently changed from cropped body dSLR (Canon 40D) to a full frame beast (Canon 5D Mark II). When I started to shoot with the 5D Mark II I really thought that there is something wrong with the camera because it was so difficult to obtain decent shots especially sharp ones. Well, I did not know enough about the properties of full frame and I think I am still learning how to to use it effectively. For my relief also other people are encountering same kind of problems (and they are better photographers than I am). I hope I will learn some day.



  1. Jonne: The problem isn’t that the camera is full frame, it’s the resolution of the sensor. With that many pixels a very small vibration will cause a blur.

    I’ve found the same thing with the camera as opposed to my (also full frame) 5D. I can make nice images on the 5D and on a recently rented 10 megapixel 1D but the 5D2 takes much more work.

    Frankly, I’m not all that happy with the camera: the shutter/mirror is very loud to my ear and the camera seems to vibrate when the shutter is tripped. I’m also not a big fan of such big files; I don’t print bigger than 13×19″ and don’t crop all that much. The 5D’s 12 megapixels was fine for me, as is the 1D’s 10.

    I’m not sure I will keep my 5D2…

  2. You are totally right, my friend. But the worst thing is that I could have bought cheap 5D2 from you if you are not keeping it. 😉

    Anyway, I need to practise with my 5D2 – a lot.

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