Camera pondering

I have at the moment Canon 5D Mark II and Olympus E-P1 cameras. I am however not so sure if I am going to keep my E-P1. At least I need some fast lens for it and Panasonic 20/1.7 could be a very nice option. I am having the kit zoom (14-42/3.5-5.6) and Panasonic 45-200 mm lenses and they are quite slow ones. And I want to shoot without a flash also indoors, and it is quite dark here in Finland in the winter time so not so much available light around.

There is also another annoying thing with the E-P1 – the slow AF. It is almost impossible to use it effectively in low light conditions. And I mean in normal indoor lighting which is not a problem for many other cameras. Because of these shortcomings I have thought of some options:

– To sell my Sigma 150/2.8 Macro (Canon) because I am not so much into real macro photography, usually I shoot close-ups. Then I could buy Pana 20/1.7 lens for my E-P1. But this will not solve the AF problem.

– To sell my E-P1 together with the both lenses and buy a new camera or buy a new lens for the 5D2. Pana GF1 has a better and faster AF than E-P1 but no in-body IS. What I need is the decent ISO performance, so the ISO should be usable still at 1600.

There are some interesting cameras around. The GF1 as I already mentioned but it is quite close to my E-P1 (except the AF). Canon G11 or S90 (but they are P/S cameras with not so good ISO). Ricoh GRD III (very interesting camera with a nice prime lens but ISO 1600 is not very good).

I am not sure yet which way to go. In P/S cameras I am irritated by the very wide DoF and poor ISO performance, but they are very handy to use. I think we can’t find a camera which has all (or even most of them) the features I am looking after.

Maybe it will be the Ricoh GRD III because I have seen so many stunning photos shot with it. But I am not sure at all if it will solve my indoor shooting problems (frankly I think it will not). Blaah, too much to ponder!



  1. Welcome to my world (camera pondering).

    I just sold my 5D2, was never happy with it, especially after renting and trying a 1D mark III.

    As you know, I bought and am keeping a Canon G11. The idea of buying a small(ish) camera without a viewfinder that costs close to or more than $1000 seems odd for the types of things I would shoot with it. If I want a quality shot, I’ll use my 5D and nice lenses. If I need a portable camera for a snapshot or, an occasional higher end shot, I’ll use the G11.

    I might add another high end camera to the mix someday as the 5D gets old and feeble but it’s never let me down and I like the images it makes, the file sizes, the low noise performance and the fact that I’ve assembled a nice collection of lenses that work well with it.

    Anyway, that’s the results of my recent pondering.

    I very much like the 1D mark III and if Canon drops the price more as the new model comes out I might spring for one.

  2. Hey Richard! Thanks for commenting. These are always so tricky things to ponder and I am many times making some mistakes I regret later on after purchasing some new photo stuff. But pondering is also quite much of fun. Trying to solve out which camera or lens could be good for my shooting habits.

  3. Jonne: I agree, pondering and making mistakes and correcting them and so on is all part of the process. I’ve had and sold more cameras and lenses than I can remember and I liked every one of them but none as much as the original 5D. To me, it is a gem.

    I have to say that I get a similar feeling from the 1D III and that struck my interest.

    I’m glad I’ve settled on the G11, I don’t need anything more than that; it will be just fine for my purposes.

  4. I must say, being able to plug into power and stay online on a long flight is a real perk. I’m a long time United Airlines flier but this is a serious plug for Virgin. If my luggage is in LA when I land I’ll be quite happy with this trip.

    Plus, I can browse photo gear web sites while I’m at it… dream of 1D III cameras…. 😉

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