I would prefer the real winter


I would prefer the real winter, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

We have + 6 degrees C and rain. Really a depressing weather. Snow brings so much light into our dark days and now almost all snow has smelted. Hopefully the weather is going to cool down soon and we could have a white Christmas time.



  1. At least there is some green left under the snow, which looks very nice here with the white birches. I see a blue object next to the right-most birch. One of your children’s toys perhaps?

  2. Richard, I would like to have some -5 to -10 C now plus snow because it would be so much nicer and much much lighter here. Hopefully it will change soon in that direction. We had nice wintery weather just few days ago. That blue thing is a cover of a sewage pumping station.

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