My inspiration has stoned

I have had lately very low inspiration for shooting photos. It feels quite bad because photography is my #1 hobby. I feel that I can not shoot decent photos indoors and outdoors it is so dark at the moment because we are not having any snow. And it is like night (3 to 4 p.m.) when I am back to home from the work, so no outdoors pics then. At weekends there is so much other things to do, no time for daytime shooting really.

That’s why I am posting these old photos in Flickr hoping some people find them interesting. I hope I will gain some inspiration soon.


  1. The way to get unstuck is to keep making and posting pictures. Each picture doesn’t have to be great or popular, you just have to go through the process to keep it going.

    It’s possible that you’ve run into a bit of an existential confusion about who and what you’re taking pictures for. If you’re taking them for you then whether or not anyone else finds them interesting should be less important.

    I’m sure you’ve read my rant on this but if not…

  2. Thanks Richard! I have read your rant on the similar things and I think it is wise thinking. And I am with you about those matters. I am not after any popular images but I feel that I am not very happy about my late pics by myself (well, there are some I really like though). I think these kind of feelings comes in cycles; sometimes you are happy about mediocre pics and sometimes nothing satisfies you.

  3. I agree Jonne. Just make sure to keep popularity on flickr or here on the blog out of the mix of what makes you happy about your photography. Nothing wrong with being popular, just don’t shoot for it.

  4. Jonne, I completely understand being stuck in that inability to shoot, that lack of desire to go and the lack of willingness to shoot. I too, recently went through this, and I still feel that way too some extent. Even though we don’t get snow here, by the time I get home from work, it’s almost dark and I’m too exhausted to go shooting-not to mention I have no desire to shoot anything. On weekends I would rather sit around or I have other things going on to look at.

    The only thing that has change for me, in my slow resurgence of change is the change of seasons with Fall colors everywhere right now and many beautiful scenes make it desireable to shoot. I have also been hanging out with family a lot recently, which helps with the desire to capture those candid shots, which has been a lot of fun. Both of these events haven’t made my desire grow too much, but it certainly keeps me clicking until I feel the desire again. I seem to go in waves, I was very interested over the summer, lost interest, and now with winter coming I’m getting excited again…though slowly. I think if you just do something else for a while, that inspiration will sneak back in. Otherwise, just keep clicking away, I don’t know what I’d do without looking at your photos.

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