Here are my boys. I am getting shivering every time I look at this photo; Shivering in a positive way. You can so clearly see how Tiitus absorbs knowledge from his big brother, Kaapo. And next time Tiitus can blow out the candles by himself. This is learning from the life itself. It may seem so simple but it always needs someone to help you.

You can see how Tiitus silently admires his big brother, and how he learns in that very moment. I feel it from that photo better than I see it.

There is admiration, respect, and love. Absorbing.

One comment

  1. LOL, when I look at shots of my brothers I see the same thing, though they are only 19 months apart, the younger of the two always looked up to the older for how to do things….then and now, now that I think about it.

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