Do you love pancakes? I do!

I got today my new Panasonic Lumix G 20mm F1.7 ASPH Pancake lens for my E-P1. I really said “wow” when I attached it to my camera. Really small in size and fast in nature. I think this lens may well be one of my favorites in near future. With this lens the E-P1 is really pocketable. So, an all-rounder lens I think.

Next thing that I am thinking to do in the micro4/3 field is to see how camera bodies will evolve. I hope there will be some interesting options by the next summer. If there will be a body with in-body IS and fast AF, I may well change my E-P1 to a new body. But we’ll see.


  1. Super cool new toy my friend, I love the dof in the pic and think that the ep-1 is a good little ps, with a punch. What does the pancake lens add for your aresnal of lenses?

  2. Thanks Jeremiah! This lens is actually my first prime lens for the E-P1 and in addition a fast one. It is 40 mm focal length in FF format, so quite nice for shooting candids etc. And it is small in size, so suits for the E-P1 nicely. The best thing is of course that large 1.7 aperture which will be very cool in the low light situations I am encountering regularly (and I do not want to use a flash).

  3. Yeah, if I ever got an EP1 or GF! this is the lens I’d put on it first. The combination is small, fast, and very useful. If it were a tad wider I’d like it better but then it would no doubt be bigger. As it is, it’s perfect.

    I only wish there was a small 20mm f/2 prime for DSLRs. I’d buy one in a minute and get an XSi and be happy.

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