Beautiful road

For a long time we are having nice sunny days. It has been only dull grey days for few weeks so sunshine is really appreciated. It was also very cold today, -28 C when I shot this photo. Trees are beautiful because having snow covers.



  1. Wow, Jonne that is a tremendous and beautiful shot! I was hoping you would be getting enough snow to make the long nights not as dark, but the sun light is always beautiful. I know locally we have had a solid week of rain, which is great, but the welcome old friend of the sun feels good. I love the winter weather and the fact that everything seems fresh and waiting for the “new year” to begin. I love the shot and hope you are staying warm my friend.

  2. Wow! Amazing photo Jonne!
    I really like your website too. I have bookmarked to come back and read more soon. Hope you and your family are doing well and thawing out!

    c h r i s

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