I switched to Aperture 3

Or actually I am trying Aperture 3 out and see how it will do in my work flow. I like the results a lot (as the above pic) but I am not always sure what tweaking I have been doing because Aperture lacks edit history kind of thing. I think that annoys me most at the moment. Also some editing tools are quite slow but still they are usable.

This is going to be a big step for me if I am going for Aperture because I have been using LightRoom for years.


  1. What kind of hardware are you running it on? Computer? Processor/speed? Memory? How large and fast a HD? etc.

    My reluctance to make the switch is based solely on it’s slowness and need for high end hardware. Frankly, I’d love to switch to it if its performance issues were solved. Let me know…

  2. Richard, thanks for commenting. I have iMac (not the newest model) with 2.16 GHz Core 2 Duo processor, 2 Gb 667 MHz memory, 250 Gb HD, ATI Radeon X1600, plus lots of external HDs (about 4 Tb).

    Aperture works quite nicely with that combo. Not super fast but usable (LR is much faster though). I think I will upgrade the memory to 4 Gb.

    Runs about the same speed in my MacBook but I am mainly using iMac because of the bigger screen (13″ vs. 20″).

  3. Jonne: I’m sure putting 4 gigs of memory will help general system performance but Aperture makes specific use of the graphics card: both processor and memory, so it’s possible the extra main memory will have less specific effect on speed.

    Of course, comparing speed anecdotally is not the most scientific way to do it… I got nervous reading comments in various threads that seemed to point to the fact that Aperture still needs very modern high end hardware for performance approaching Lightroom and for me, that’s a very important issue.

    Frankly, if iPhoto had more RAW tools I think I’d stick with it. I’m considering using it for my libraries and using Lightroom as the editor for RAWs that need more work. Not sure how that would work but I’m considering it.

    Keep us all updated on your tests, you are certainly going where I’m considering going.

  4. You aree right about the graphics card. It is not any fancy one in my iMac. Aperture 3.0.0. version was really slow but this newest 3.0.3. version is much faster and especially much more stable. I am now trying to do different edits with it to get to know all the bells and whistles. But as I said, it is quite usable with my hardware.

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