Which one to use with Aperture 3: iMac or MacBook?

As a new Aperture 3 user I am pondering which of my computers I should use as a main workstation with Aperture.

My iMac has a 2.16 GHz Core 2 Duo, 2 Gb 667 MHz memory, ATI Radeon X1600 (128 Mb) graphics card, and 20″ screen.

My MacBook has a 2.13 GHz Core 2 Duo, 2 Gb 800 MHz memory, GeForce 9400M (256 Mb) graphics card, and 13″ screen.

I think the main difference between these two is the graphics cards and of course the display size. Aperture 3 is quite usable with my iMac. And I think I will upgrade the memory to 4 Gb in the computer I will choose as the main workstation.

If I use fullscreen editing (which I like much) in Aperture I think 13″ screen could be OK.

So, which one to use? A new computer is not yet an option, so I have to deal with the above ones.


  1. Richard, do you have a newest iMac version? Mine is from 2006 which does not have so good graphics card than the newer iMacs.

    EDIT: Okay, I read your comments wrongly. I thought you were saying “I use…”

  2. iMac for sure just because of the screen. The processor and graphics card memory are acceptable until you get a new iMac (hopefully the 27″ quadcore).

  3. I decided to use iMac. Bigger screen is really helpful and fullscreen editing really nice with it. 27″ i7 iMac would be very nice; I have to show your comment to Jenni and hope she approves. Well, not! 😉

  4. Jonne: Consider enlisting a cat or a child to (accidentally) push current iMac off table (after you back up). New iMac right around the corner…

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