I’m back using Lightroom

Now that I have tested Aperture 3 for my workflow for two weeks I decided to go back to use Lightroom again. Here are few reasons for this:

1. Lightroom is working much faster and smoother in my computers (see the specs in the post below). This is quite big thing after all. First I thought I could live with slower processing but it is not so. Sometimes Aperture will slow down too much especially when working with 100% magnification.

2. I really missed History panel from Lightroom. I want to quickly check which kind of tweaks I have done and History panel is very handy for that. And it allows you to go back in the tweaks very nicely. In Aperture I am somehow “lost” what I have done.

3. Lightroom’s Graduated filter is important tool for me. It is missing from Aperture.

4. Adjustment brushes work much smoother in Lightroom. They are very nice in Aperture too but not with my computers.

5. I like Keywording more in Lightroom. Espoecially Keyword suggestion feauture is nice in Lightroom. I am able to add keywords faster.

So, those are the main reasons I am back with Lightroom. I like how Aperture renders images but I am not always sure how I got that nice result. And that is not a good thing of course. I have a full version of Aperture 3 and I will update it in the future to see if there will be some improvements in the above areas. And of course LR 3 is coming out quite soon.


  1. Jonne, I had a feeling it might come to this although it would be interesting if the speed issue would have plagued you with more modern equipment.

    As you know I’m in the same place as you except one step back: I was considering but did not buy Aperture 3 yet.

    I’m quite frustrated because each of these products has things I want but neither is perfect or even near perfect on its own.

    I much prefer the UI in Aperture and could live with its quirks if it were as fast as LR on my computer or even a newer computer.

    I hope you’ll keep Aperture through your next computer upgrade and let us know what a newer and faster processor does for its speed.

    Thanks for your report.

  2. Thanks Richard, I always value your comments and opinions. I share the frustration, I also feel that Aperture UI is much better but that is not enough when compared with the speed issue (and other things I mentioned above).

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