Small hat, big chin


Got Lightroom 3 immediately when it was launched and I though I would like to share my first impressions of it here.

For the above shot I tested direct upload to Flickr from Lightroom 3 and it worked nicely. You can even see the comments (and comment by yourself) through LR3! It also updates your photos automatically (of course you have to first “publish” the new version through LR3) if you tweak them more in LR3.

The new Import dialogue box was littlebit hard to understand in first place but now I think it is better than the old one in LR2.7.

Lens correction feature is fantastic. It has preloaded profiles for certain lenses and you can also use it manually e.g. for perspective corrections. When using preloaded profiles you still can tweak distortion, chromatic aberration, and vignetting corrections.

You can embed music in slideshows now. Very nice even if I do not use slideshows that much. But soon I will need that nice feature and I will definitely add some audio file with it.

Last but not least. The noise reduction is now totally in a new level. It handles noise very nicely and preserves details. I really think that I will not need any third-party NR plug-ins or programmes anymore.

There are many, many smaller improvements which help your everyday use of LR but more of those later.



  1. Jonne, such a handsome mug. I am impressed with the talk about LR3, especially in comparison to Aperture. You’ll have to let me know what you think about both programs. I’m also curious how this all fits into your work flow.

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