The star of the bunch

The star of the bunch, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

As the title implies I have found a star. And it is now the Aperture 3 for my workflow. I know, I know. Have switched between Lightroom 3 and Aperture 3 many times lately but sometimes pondering and testing is really needed.

I am now using Aperture 3 with my MacBook. Yes, that’s right. A small computer people say not good with Aperture. Well, for me it is coping very well. Actually better than my iMac (the white iMac, not the lates version; see computer specs in the post somewhere below, I do not put them here again). I think the better graphics card in the MacBook really enhances the functionality of Aperture 3. And yes, it only has a 13″ screen. So what, I can manage with it for now. Maybe I’ll buy a 15″ (or even 17″) MacBook Pro some day (well, that day is not in the near future).

I also started to use managed image filing system with Aperture (i.e. the images are imported into the Aperture library). Before this I always used referenced file system. So, let’s see how I will manage with the managed system. The Aperture library is place in 1 Tb HD and the vault (backup library) is in another 1 Tb HD.

After this Lightroom vs. Aperture debate I have to only debate about my future computer choices. And I think it is going to be an easier decision than the one about the software.



  1. So, you’re turning into a laptop man like me Jonne. I’m still up in the air about what computer I will get next: another MacBook Pro with the addition of a 24″ display or an iMac.

    Then, withhin both decisions is the decision to go high end for the quad core processor or not. In the iMac world that means a 27″ screen which is okay I guess but I would do fine with a 24.

    The iMac is cooler to run, cheaper to buy, and the parts like HD are bigger and so, more robust. But, getting it means I will be a two computer guy and I’m not sure I want that.

    My guess is that all of this comes with a rethinking of how I use computers and workflow. I certainly need the bigger screen for both photo editing and page layout for my magcloud work. That could be an external monitor or it could be an iMac. I can do all of my other computing on a smaller screen: read blogs, read news, email, twitter, etc. As a matter of fact, that smaller screen can be even smaller than the 15″ I’m using now and I’m considering a 13″ MacBook Pro or even a MacBook for that.

    Email and RSS can coexist on both machines and I can use mobile me (I don’t have it but I’d get it) to push data between computers and phone.

    It’s a tough choice and Apple doesn’t make it easier by only putting the high end processors in certain models and not all models of both iMac and MacBook Pro.


    In other news, I bought and am very much liking Lightroom 3. It’s still got things in it that I think I’d like in Aperture better but in fact, it’s faster on my current computer and the noise reduction improvement alone (it always had great noise reduction) is worth the upgrade price. Lens corrections, etc. are also a huge benefit.

    Keep us informed of your thinking.

  2. Hi Joy!
    Wise thinking about computers! These things are always so difficult to decide.

    BTW, I immediately thought that you have to be the Joy Brown whose sculptures I know from Richard’s (Wanderman) site. Fabulous work!

  3. Crud, because you’re on hosted wordpress and I was working on Joy’s new site I commented using her ID. If you can edit that for me, name and url, I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

  4. Richard, I edited your posts. Thanks for commenting. Actually new iMac could be an option for me too. Then I would leave the old iMac totally for Jenni’s use. You mentioned additional bigger display for laptop and that is also one good option. Apple’s screen is very expensive though but there are other very good options for it.

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