Poor grey weather

Poor grey weather, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

We have had weather like this for many days after the first snow we got was gone. Very grey, dark, and rainy all day long. Quite depressing actually. Now we really need some snow to brighten up the landscape and our souls.


  1. hah, that’s very interesting my friend, you see these dark and dreary days really make me the happiest, there’s something to the long, dark, and cold feeling i get from these that just makes me glow inside and out. i hope you do have some more snow soon, since just getting around in the dark is very uncomfortable. i remember being in alaska in the winter and when there is a fresh snow, you really can migrate without a flashlight, but man is it dark when you don’t have that wonderful reflective surface.

  2. lol, my dad has about 4 or 5 cords of wood stacked up at his house, and his place doesn’t get nearly as cold as you guys do above the 60th. but his rational is exactly the same. is most of your guys’ power hydroelectric or nuclear powered?

    here in cali it’s a combination

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