He wants to see the results

He wants to see the results, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

Tiitus is always very keen to see the photos which were just taken. I think he is the most avid camera’s LCD screen user in our family. Besides of our older son Kaapo of course. I really love how they feel about photos and photography. I think photography may well be one of their hobbies in the future. Kaapo actually has our old 4 MPix IXUS, and it really is amazing how well he can use it.



  1. That’s just too funny my friend. I love how kids are so excited to have their picture taken, then of course they have to see themselves in the lcd. Liz’s nephews and nieces are always excited when I show up with my camera…of course, the kids at school are much older and they are all pretty much the same way. I for one hate my picture being taken, but that’s cool because I usually have the camera in hand. I have no doubt that Kaapo and Tiitus will be photographers in the future, but how would you feel if they preferred Nikon to Canon?

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