X100 – my next camera?

I have been drooling after Fujifilm Finepix X100 since it was introduced in Photokina 2010. It is just what I want to complement my 5D Mark II. It has a nice large APS-C sized sensor, hopefully wonderful 23mm/f2 (equivalent to 35mm) Fujinon lens, both optical and electronic viewfinders (actually a hybrid one), and great looks! The lens is fixed focal length non-interchangeable which is just what I’ve been looking for sometime now. I really think that 5D Mark II will be my only camera with interchangeable lenses if I will get the X100. Then I will sell my E-P1 (with three lenses I have for it) or give it to my wife.

More info about X100 here.



  1. That’s a cool camera, but I am a little confused why you would want another one in the first place. The 5dm2 is such a great camera, that would be all I need for any situation. Just curious about why you would want to change it up, unless Jenni really wants another one.

  2. Jeremiah, you are partly right. 5D Mark II is a great camera but I want something different too. This means a camera with fixed focal length non-interchangeable lens and with superb image quality. I also want optical viewfinder (with X100 has both optical and electronic ones). So, basically I want somehow simpler camera for different situations. Olympus E-P1 has interchangeable lenses so I would get rid of that camera because it serves much in same kind of situations than my 5D2.

    Okay, okay. The basic reason is that I just want that X100! 😉

  3. Ahhh, I believe we may both agree on your last statement ;-D I understand wanting new equipment, but if I owed a 5d2 I wouldn’t even dream of another camera, just the glass and accessories to really rock it.

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