I love automatic and manual-winding watches

Mido Commander Ocean Star Dataday, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

Watches without batteries and quartz movement have something special in them. They are real masterpieces and I am proud to use them.

I especially like Mido, Omega, Zenith, and Revue Thommen brands.

You can see my humble collection in my Flickr watch collection set.


  1. You truly do have an amazing collection of watches my friend, a fact that is evident from your fantastic shots of them. I, on the other hand, have a cheap, single wrist watch. They do make a really great subject though for photography, but I was wondering which brand or watch is your favorite?

  2. Jeremiah, thanks a lot for all of your comments! I think my favorite brand is Mido (you can see a pic of my only Mido watch above) because it really is beautiful watch and comes from a quite small Swiss factory. I am not using it as everyday basis because I need more robust watch at work (I am usually using my Omega Seamaster Professional which is built like a tank).

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