Heat it up!

Heat it up!, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

When it is -25 C outside it’s nice to have a wood-burning oven.

We will pay about 35 euros for one cubic meter of logs (already cut for stove; 33 or 50 cm long), and we will need them about 15 cubic meters for one winter. That amount of logs is enough for heating (our big tile stove/oven) and for our sauna which has fire-heated sauna stove (we’ll go to sauna at least two times per week). The firewood is not the basic heating system in our house; we have electric heaters in every room. Using wood for heating will lower the need of electricity a lot. Our yearly consumption is about 9000 kWh (the same sized houses use in many occasions about 20 000 kWh).

In the future I would like to order full size logs and cut them by myself. That would be much cheaper and I could have something like 100 cubic meters in one order. At the moment I am too busy with the work and with our sons, however, to do that.

We have quite extreme temperature conditions here in the winter time. From -20 to – 25 C is quite usual here, and it has been measured -42 C at our place. That’s the reason we really enjoy the gentle extra warmth what the heating by wood provides to us.




  1. That’s incredible the reduction in consumption of power 900kwh isn’t bad. My dad almost solely heats his house with wood in the winter, we spend several hours helping him cut some fallen trees on his property over Thanksgiving weekend. They are such a nice treat and that extra heat when it’s cold outside makes all the difference. How many years have you lived at this current location?

  2. Thanks, Jeremiah! We have lived here about four and half years and we really like this place. It is on the countryside but the centre of Siilinjärvi county is only 5 km away and city of Kuopio (where I work) is about 32 km away.

  3. How long of a commute does it take when the whether is bad like this? I commute about the same distance, more like 45km, but the worst we have is fog and it takes me about 30 to 40 minutes depending on traffic

  4. I use our own car for work trips and it takes about 25 mins to drive. What do you mean about bad weather? Winter weather is here just a normal weather and causes no delays.

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