You can feel the quality

You can feel the quality, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

My new Voigtländer Apo-Lanthar 90mm F3.5 SL II. Pre-Christmas present for myself. 😉

I really love all my Voigtländer lenses. I have now Color Skopar 20mm F3.5 SL II, Ultron 40mm F2 SL II, and this newest one, Apo-Lanthar 90mm F3.5 SL II. That’s a quite nice combo of manual focus lenses. All Voigtländers are built like a tank and their manual focusing is so extremely precise and all of them are very sharp lenses and they produce so pleasing bokeh. I actually am able to shoot sharper photos with these manual focus wonders than with my AF lenses (of course moving objects are a different story). It is a real joy to use lenses which have been manufactured so that you really can feel manufacturers’ love for photography.

I hope to write a short mini-review of all my Voigtländers in the near future, so stay tuned!

I would like to thank my Flickr friend Morten (Flickr name MoSHa*) for introducing this wonderful lens to me. Please, check his great photostream!



  1. That’s incredible they are manual focus lenses. I have yet to figure out the manual focus thing at all. I’m definitely lacking in that category. I am happy for you my friend and looking forward to see what you make with this. I hope you enjoy it as much as I’m sure you will.

  2. Yes, Ali, I agree! I already have some f/1.4 or 1.8 lenses (e.g. 50/1.4 and 85/1.8) and now I wanted to have one more manual focus Voigtländer because I really like their sharpness and bokeh. I know that it is not very fast lens but nice when you want to shoot some close-ups.

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