Tested Aperture 3 again!

Some of Kaapo’s games, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

I have been using LR3 extensively now but yesterday I decided to test Aperture 3 again after that long pause. Actually it felt quite nice to process a shot with it. This newest version (3.1.1) was actually quite a bit faster than the previous version in my MacBook.

Now, the biggest obstacle for using Aperture 3 is the noise reduction capabilities as compared to LR3. I shoot a lot indoor shots in quite poor lighting and am using ISO 1600-3200 (sometimes even 6400) a lot. So, I will need a good noise reduction plug-in for Aperture 3. I want to do all my processing in one program and not to go e.g. to PS to do the noise reduction. I’ve tested Nik’s Dfine which was quite okay but is somehow expensive. Then I found out from Aperture users group in Flickr that many people use Neat Image plug-in for dealing with noise.

Neat Image may be a very good candidate. I’ve now looked through many example pics and the plug-in seems to be great. I have to test it by myself and if it is a good one I may start to use Aperture 3 again.


  1. I do not know if this would be asking too much my friend, but I am teaching a class in photography in about a month, and I want to cover some of the software out there. I do not have nor have I ever used Aperture. I would be very curious to hear anything you have to say, and if you would be so inclined we I would share this information with the kids. Just a thought but your expertise would be invaluable, not to mention if you posted a blog or too on both your great bokeh techniques and your use of manual focus lenses. Both of these are areas of great interest but little known to myself.

  2. I would be happy to help you in all ways I can. How could we arrange this in most easy way? Maybe by e-mail if you have some specific questions or do you have some better ideas? Remember that I mainly use Lightroom 3, not so much Aperture 3, so my knowledge of the latter is rather limited. Let me know your thoughts.

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