Can I stand spinning balls?

I have tested Aperture 3 quite a lot this weekend. I really like the program and how it renders my photos. There are still many buts:

– Lots of spinning balls around. So it is painfully slow sometimes. In example, if I use the definition slider, I have to wait 30-60 sec before the adjustment is ready. And this happens with many other adjustments too. And I have to say that this never happens with LR3.

– Poor noise reduction. I have to use third-party plug-in for NR. No problem with that in result-wise but they always generate huge TIFF  files (e.g. for 5D Mk II RAWs the TIFF is something like 120 Mb). Then I’ll have 25 Mb RAW and 120 Mb TIFF for the same file. With LR3 I am able to do NR for RAW file.

– No adjustment history. LR3 has this nice feature. In Aperture 3 I have to make snapshots for every significant adjustment if I want to compare their effects afterwards. I am too lazy to do so.

– Keywording is not so easy as in LR3. I especially like the “keyword suggestion” feature in LR3.

So, rants, rants, rants. And I like Aperture 3! Apple should thank me for trying and trying. I’d like to use Aperture 3 but I realize that I should have a much more powerful computer than my MacBook is. With LR3 I have no problems with my MacBook, it is very smooth all time.

And I like Aperture 3. Sigh.



  1. The adjustment history in Lightroom, can you actually use it to undo various adjustments or is it simply a record of what you’ve done? If you can undo with it I’d love to know how.

  2. Richard, you can not undo a particular adjustment (but of course if you select an adjustment from the history list and make a new one all previous ones above it will be deleted) but you can look its value from the history list and adjust it again in a value you need. I think it still is quite handy for that because you can see all the adjustments you have made in a sigle list.

    EDIT: And if you combine using History panel to the Snapshot feature you can easily create snapshots for different adjustmet combinations.

  3. Jonne: Right, this is one of the things I truly hate about Lightroom. If all of these meta adjustments are changeable and non-destructive, why not allow any one of them to be nulled out (brought back to default state) in that list. Click on it, null it out. There may be a way to do this but I’ve never found it and that too is a problem (if it exists and we can’t find it). What’s the point of having a history if you can’t change one piece of it leaving the rest of it alone?

    Again, the folks at Adobe may be brilliant and many love them but their software just doesn’t work the way my brain does. I find Lightroom a disaster in terms of user interface. Yes, it works better on our lower end Macs and yes, its tools are better than Aperture’s for sure but if there could somehow be a hybrid of both of these products or, if iPhoto had just slightly better tools I’d be happy. I’m not particularly happy with any of these products and I use this class of product often.

  4. You are totally right, my friend. As I stated I like Aperture 3. I do not understand how Apple can not make it run faster if Lightroom is very smooth in my setup. What are the properties in it that make it so slow? What more it has than Lightroom to make it so slow?

    I am not still sure what will be my final decision. I might well use both for now on and see how things will develop with future versions of Aperture.

  5. Jonne: If you notice, when Lightroom’s library isn’t rebuilt it too gets slow so it may be that Aperture just needs to have its library rebuilt more often. Maybe there’s a setting for that, I don’t know.

    By the way, it’s -4F here this morning. We’re not Finland but we’re right up (down) there.

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