I really love Aperture’s Definition slider!

Summer scene, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

In the above photo I used the Definition slider (by brushing the effect in) of Aperture 3 to enhance the wooden wall of the barn, and I think the result is really wonderful. Textures pop up nicely and give extra punch for the barn. I found the Definition adjustment very good and much better than Clarity adjustment in LR3 (not totally sure though if they adjust exactly the same thing).

This Aperture vs. Lightroom pondering is really taking some time from the main thing – photographing. I want to have a decision soon.



  1. Why decide, you have both, use them as needed over time and see which one gets used for what. No need to make it quid pro quo.

  2. You are right, Richard. I have the possibility to use both and see how everything goes. I’ll try from now on learn Aperture more because I do not know all its potential yet.

  3. Jonne, I bought Aperture from the App store about a month ago but because of my upcoming show have not had time to do anything with it except a quick look. My first impressions were less than wonderful but I know this is because I’m used to Lightroom and I need to give it more time. Like you, I’ll have both on my computer and use them both for a while and see if Apple actually continues to support Aperture. We don’t have to make a big decision, only stay flexible and keep on shooting.

    1. Richard, I think you are feeling exactly same way than I was when I purchased Aperture and was used to use Lightroom. It will definitely take some time to learn Aperture’s tricks. I would be very happy to hear your opinions after you have used it for a while.

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