From spinning balls to a total crash

Yesterday evening I was happily using Aperture to process few shots and got one processed nicely. The second one caused big problems though. I had done basic adjustments for the shot in Aperture and after that I would have wanted to use Nik’s plug-ins just to test Viveza 2 and Silver Efex Pro. When I started Viveza 2 from Aperture I got the normal info that Aperture is processing the file for Viveza. But this processing lasted and lasted. After few minutes of processing I got a black info area on my screen saying that I have to shut down my MacBook by using the power switch. That has never happened to me earlier. Well, I did that and opened Aperture again and tried to open Viveza – no luck unfortunately. Then I had to force the Aperture to shut down. I opened Aperture again and tested Silver Efex Pro. The situation was the same – Aperture froze down.

In Lightroom 3 I had no problems with these plug-ins when I tested them yesterday.

Bye, bye Aperture. I’ll give up.


  1. that is so frustrating, i cannot stand the spinning beach ball only to find the mac to crash. well if the debate is settled what did you like and dislike about aperture

  2. Jonne: Part of your problem is you’re using Aperture on a MacBook. Why not use it on your iMac instead? Seems like you’re using it on under powered machines. It works better with faster graphics processors.

    How much hard disk space do you have free? If your hard disk is almost full your computer won’t perform as well.

    There are many reasons you might be having problems with Aperture and as you know, I’m no defender of it having switched to LR a while back, but I’m not sure your situation is entirely fair as a test case.

  3. I agree I am having underpowered rig but what I can not understand is that LR is working so smoothly and Aperture is not. They still are doing basically the same things for my photos.

    I have tested Aperture also with my iMac and the situation is not better (of course the screen is bigger though). I have 160 Gb HD in MacBook and there is something like 120 Gb free. For photos I have two 1 Tb HDs.

  4. Richard, I am still testing Aperture 3 further because I really like the results what I’m getting with it. I can’t explain which are the specifics in it but the shots please me more after Aperture 3 adjustments than after LR3 adjustments. Fortunately I have the both worlds in my hands as you stated before.

    Have a great day, my friend, and thanks a lot for stopping by here!

  5. I’m not a fan of any of these tools, they’re all overly complicated and heavy but I do think Aperture is built for higher end computers, whether Apple cares to admit it or not. It would be wonderful if they’d really fix it once and for all so it will run well on any of their computers. I agree, Lightroom performs better but one of the ways LR does this is by modularizing tools and to me, this kills its UI. I can’t stand moving back an forth between the Library and Develop. This is just not the way my brain works; I want to look at the picture and decide from a pallete hwat I want to do with it: adjust it, add keywords, etc. Aperture works more like this but because it has more in memory at one time it’s sluggish. This is a theory, I don’t know for sure.

    The idea image editor has yet to be written Jonne, the things we’re struggling with are limitations of the tools, not us, but I do think you’d find Aperture much more responsive with a MacBook Pro with a faster system bus, more memory, and a faster processor/graphics processor. Even a low end 13″ MBP would be faster than your current Macs and they’re not too expensive.

    I’m guessing Aperture would work just fine on my now SSD equipped MBP although I’ve not tried it in a while so I don’t know for sure. The thought of a sea change at this point depresses me.

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