Ten years together

Ten years together, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

Jenni and I have known each other ten years today. We decided to buy a “new” car for Jenni because she will go to work in the coming autumn and we thought that a better and safer car would be nice.


  1. That is so incredible my friend!! Congrats to you and Jenni! Wow a decade, I thought you two had known each other since childhood, and I’m so impressed Jenni is going to work, is she excited? Congrats on the new car, I hope you guys are happy, warm and safe!

  2. Thanks, my friend! You know, I and Jenni have a ten year age difference, so, Jenni was 22 and I 32 years old when we met. Jenni is a midwife as you may know and she is going back to the university hospital where she was working before the boys were born. I am very proud of her that she has been taking care for Kaapo and Tiitus.

    1. wow i had no idea actually, that is pretty crazy you both look so young it is hard to say you’re even over 30 for both of you. that is very cool going back to work, though after so much time off i would be very nervous if it were me. that’s super awesome! i hope all is well, otherwise.

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