Half barn

Half barn, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

With this shot from the last summer I tested curves adjustments in Aperture 3. It seems that I have neglected curves a lot. I have thought that curves are somehow too “professional” for me and haven’t used them that much by myself. Actually they are very powerful tools. Here I used Aperture’s brushes to brush curves adjustments in or out depending where i used them. I really like the output. Formerly quite dull shot evolved to a much better version. Especially the sky is improved a lot.

In some earlier posting in this blog I stated that I am back using Lightroom 3. It may still be so but actually I am using Aperture more than Lightroom at the moment! I am learning Aperture more and more every day and liking it more and more every day.

I think I am now going to process one more photo in Aperture 3, so see you soon!


  1. Thanks Jeremiah! As you may have noticed I am now using Aperture 3. I really want to give it a chance, and at the moment it is working well in my workflow and I am very pleased on the results I am getting using AP3.

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