4 Gb RAM makes a difference!

Now that I have upgraded RAM for my MacBook from 2Gb to 4 Gb (max for MacBook) makes a real difference in speed and stability when using Aperture 3. I wouldn’t believe the difference is so significant before I installed the new memory. After this upgrade I have been a full time Aperture 3 user. I have tried to learn a lot how to effectively use curves tool in Aperture and especially how to use multiple curves adjustments locally (by brushing them in) to improve the tonality and colors in a shot. I think I have taken a big and very crucial step forward with Aperture. Now I am starting to feel “home” when using it. So, if you have speed problems with Aperture 3, upgrade the memory, it really has a big impact!



  1. Is Aperture good as a content manager or is it best as an editor?

    Congrats on the memory upgrade, that usually makes such a huge difference in general.

  2. Jonne: I’m amazed you were using Aperture (or anything) with 2 gigs of memory. That’s not a lot these days and will cause many programs like Aperture to use the disk more than they might if they had more memory. Aperture also makes use of the graphics processor so your next computer will probably make an even bigger difference as it will have a newer and faster co processor in it.

    Glad you’re enjoying Aperture now… your opinion is meaningful to me although I may wait until I get a new computer to buy it again.

  3. Agree with Richard.. and yes more RAM less H.D access thats mean less mechanical movement and more electronically data transferre…. and the only drawback is that 4GB is the MAX.

  4. Hi friends!
    Thanks a lot for commenting. My MacBook actually has a slight better graphics card than our iMac. And now with 4 Gb RAM I am very happy. I am not sure when I will upgrade my MacBook and if it is going to be a MacBook Pro or iMac then. With Aperture’s full screen editing even 13″ screen is working quite well.

    I am not using our iMac at all now that I have a MacBook. The iMac is solely Jenni’s computer.

  5. Another thing you can do FTP soup up your MacBook is to replace the hard disk with an ssd. As you may know, I did this with my three year old mbp and it is now faster than many new models. Boots instantly, etc.

    I’m not saying this is a better investment than a new computer for you, but it was for me last year.

  6. Richard, I’ve read your blog postings on SSD with great interest. I am not sure if I would do that kind of a change for the MacBook which is quite cheap (well…) and low end model. And I am upgrading this computer in some time frame anyways. Maybe then I will take a pre-installed SSD version.

  7. Jonne: Apple is charging a lot for their installed SSD option on the new MBP. I’m actually considering it but if I bought it I’d probably replace the CD/DVD drive with a smallish 128 gig SSD and use that as my boot drive, use the built in drive for data.

    This is a loose plan if/when I upgrade this machine but I must say that with an SSD it’s so fast and I have little reason to.

    I do wish Apple made the new MBPs more like Airs with at least boot flash memory. Sigh, maybe next gen.

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