Blue skies, white birches

Blue skies, white birches, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

The birches in our yard were so stunningly beautiful yesterday morning. Frost was so pure white and it was flickering nicely in the sunshine. Sky was totally blue without any clouds. The air smelled spring even if we still have some 75 cm snow everywhere.

Today we are not having any blue skies. Dark clouds are over us and we are having a heavy snow fall at the moment.


  1. This reminds me of trees made of crystal, I love birch trees in winter. At my mom’s in Alaska, this was one of my favorite scenes, an open meadow of tundra, covered in snow and the ridges lined with birches lining the ridges, like little toothpicks. I hope you’re staying warm my friend and enjoy the winter time.

  2. I love how this photo is not your typical frost photo. It took a second of looking at it to realize the colour of the branches didn’t look quite “right”. A photo that makes you think is always a good thing. And I always love a photo that basicly has two colours in it.
    Nice job.

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