Greetings from Snowland

Greetings from Snowland, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

This morning it was -23 C still so it seems that our spring is not starting very soon. Although sunshine is somehow warming up already but it is not intense enough to melt the snow if the base temp is so low. I am now counting spring all those days when we will not get any new snow. I think that is a very good rule now and gives nice spring feeling at least.


  1. Wow, can’t believe it’s still -23 for you. We just hit 0 C, and I am so ready for it, it’s been a long cold winter. Glad you have found a positive spin on the late spring you are getting.

  2. Dang my friend, that just seems way, way too cold for me to contemplate. We are at almost 30C here and it’s been a beautiful few days of weather, but soon we will have +40C weather and it will get nasty. I hope you guys are staying warm, and know that this is absolutely gorgeous scene.

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