I found Twitter again

I started to use Twitter again after a long pause. It really feels good to read and send some tweets. I have been sending tweets about my photos uploaded in Flickr regularly but otherwise I have been inactive in Twitter. I mainly read tweets from news agencies, from science sources, and from fellow photographers. Twitter really is a great way to keep in touch with the newest things. And of course there are many nice and interesting people tweeting around. At home I use Tweetie as my Twitter client and I am very pleased to it. At work I use Twitter’s website to browse the tweets. I have 83 followers at the moment and I am following 143 twitterers by myself.

I really hope I can now keep my interest for Twitter and find some new interesting sources to follow on. And of course I hope that few additional fellow twitterers may be interested in my tweets. I am @jonnenaarala in Twitter.



  1. LOL, if I was on Twitter I would so follow you Jonne, I love Twitter like 2 years ago, but I just don’t find it as useful without a smart phone. If I had one of them, it may be a different story. I think there is a lot of great things about Twitter. I hope you have a great day.

  2. Interesting that you’d post this. I’m working on a post about why I dislike twitter as a social media tool.

    I prefer RSS. To me twitter feels like an attention deficit disorder nightmare and I don’t track all that many accounts. How can twitter users track thousands of accounts unless they collect them like flickr contacts and then don’t track them (hide them).

    It’s a shame that RSS has never had the following that it should have, says worlds about how ill-informed most computer users are. The love of facebook adds to my feelings that many people are all about popularity, less about actual real interaction.

    1. See I prefer to use RSS, but the problem is that many people don’t use it themselves. I use twitter simply to notify people of blog posts, and as I only have 3 followers I know they are relying on it for notification.

      I also like to use twitter to watch creative live broadcasts, as they use twitter as the medium for interaction.

  3. Thanks guys!

    Richard, I am also using RSS feeds through NetNewsWire (actually I got the idea to use it from your blog, thanks!) to track some blog posts (e.g. yours). I agree that most things in Twitter are nonsense to me but I like to use it to have a news and science “flow” in front of me.

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