Tested Lo-Fi App

Tiitus and an icicle, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

Yesterday evening I downloaded Lo-Fi App made by Wingnut, LLC. This stand-alone programm will “LoFi” your photos by adding old film effects, textures, and borders.

I tested it for many shots and I was quite pleased about the results I got. The “Randomize” button is especially cool. When you push it you got randomized mix of effects applied on your shot. You can of course select all effects manually but I found randomizing really fun. You can also turn off each effect individually to achieve more controlled results.

Lo-Fi has a 7 day trial period. Download it and try out and see which kind of results it will create. I think only downside is the prize (29 $) because I feel that I would not use Lo-Fi very frequently. Basically I do not like textures and frames (but I do like film effects) applied in photos. Film effects I can do very nicely in LR or by using Nik’s Color Efex Pro or Silver Efex Pro.

I do like the above result, however. That’s why I will test Lo-Fi more and decide few days later if I may purchase it or not.


  1. This is true my friend, but as an alternative you could perform a search for layers to use in post processing could give you the same effect without paying the hefty price of $29. Though the editing is probably a little more work and a little more time. Just a thought.

  2. That’s totally true, my friend. Lo-Fi is, however, very cool app which is fun and easy to use. I’ll test though Nik’s Color Efex Pro (which I already have) for some film effects today evening to see if those effects may be enough to replace Lo-Fi.

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