iMac fever

During last days I’ve had high fever (at least +39 C at the moment) for a new iMac. I have a MacBook (not a pro model) now and I am especially longing for a bigger screen. Of course more power and speed would be nice too. I have already decided the possible iMac model too: basic 21.5′ iMac (2.5 GHz i5 processor) with 8 Gb memory plus Magic Trackpad (I’ve already have a Magic Mouse). I think that quite basic model is just nice for me (all I want) and it will be a big leap forward from my MacBook. It will cost about 1300 euros which is at my limit at the moment.


  1. Are you sure you want that glossy screen for image editing? The iMac is a great bargain but the screen, while wonderful, is super saturated and reflective.

    You also might consider a 13″ MacBook Pro and get a matte screen from a third party. It won’t be a thunderbolt screen but maybe that’s less important than matte and decent color calibration.

  2. That’s a good point, Richard. The iMac option arised because I have not used my MacBook a lot as a portable laptop. It is almost all the time at my desk and I am thinking that maybe the normal desktop computer would be okay for me. I also have a quite limited desk space, so iMac would save some space too.

    I just upgraded to OSX Lion (my MacBook) and bought also Magic Trackpad. So it could well be so that I’ll postpone my computer purchase to the next summer or so. But we’ll see.

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