Vlingo as Siri-like functionality for iPhone

I just downloaded Vlingo to test it as Siri-like voice recognition assistant in my iPhone 4. It seems to have very good palette of things it can do. You can use it for searching the web, sending social app updates, dialing the phone numbers, finding places, sending SMS and email. So, it really sounds nice option if you are not going to have iPhone 4S. It recognizes US and UK English. And that is where the problems start. I am not a native English speaking person and Vlingo will understand me partly. I have tried it now for different tasks mentioned above and only few times we had a mutual understanding. Even if I tried to be so perfect with my English pronounciation as I can. For sending emails and SMS for my Finnish friends or relatives is of course totally useless using Vlingo because it won’t understand Finnish. Well, once I got the email’s receivers name right when I pronounciated it like American’s would. 😉

The conclusion is that I find Vlingo quite useless with my English pronounciation skills. That could well be the situation also with Siri. It is faster to write the messages and social updates than first use the voice assistant and then correct the output by writing using iPhone’s “keyboard”.

P.S. The first social app update I did with Vlingo went totally right! But after that, well…


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