Writing a blog post using iA Writer

First try to write a blog post with iA Writer

I really love this almost spartan program. I am already using this to write a short novel. I have had an idea for that novel for a long time and I think iA Writer is just the right platform too write it. I think there will be also other uses for the Writer:

  • to write down meeting memos; I think Writer is a fast system to write simple memos and the markup system is fantastic to make simple but effective formatting
  • to write blog posts
  • to outline research ideas and possibly also research manuscripts

The only thing I am hoping for now is that iA will release an iPhone version of the Writer.

Well, I couldn’t figure out how to import HTML file as a blog post, so I had to open the HTML file in a word processor and then paste it here. If anybody knows how to import HTML file in WordPress I would be very happy about that info!

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