Processed in Snapseed

The shot below has been shot with Fuji X100 and was initially saved in my Aperture 3 library in my MacBook. In Aperture I saved some of the shots from that photo shoot in the photo stream in iCloud which is very handy way to get shots in your iOS devices (and vice versa of course). I opened this shot from the photo stream in my iPad and processed it in the very wonderful Snapseed app. I cropped it and adjusted color and contrast. Very handy indeed. I uploaded the final version in my Flickr stream straight from Snapseed. And of course the final version was immediately also in my MacBook through iCloud. Fantastic. 



  1. Richard, I just imported the photos into Aperture’s library, didn’t do anything else with Aperture. Then I put some of the photos in the iCloud’s photo stream. After that I was able to post-process the shots in my iPad using Snapseed when I’m not at my MacBook (which I use nowadays mainly for Aperture-linked stuff. Almost everything else I do with iPad).

  2. Ah, so you’re attempting to use the iPad as a stand-alone device for image processing. Got it. Of course, the better test would be to leave Aperture and the MacBook out of the loop completely: Take the images, upload via card reader to iPad, process with Snapseed, upload to flickr and Photostream so you can pull them down on your Mac.

    1. Not as a pure stand-alone device but actually replacing my MacBook when I am not at home for example. I do not have a card reader for iPad, that’s why I’m importing to Aperture. Card reader would be nice though when on the move.

      I remember that your photo exhibition will open in the coming weekend. You have some fantastic set of photos to show to the audience. I am sure they will enjoy a lot.

  3. Jonne, The card reader for the iPad is inexpensive, I highly recommend it. It comes with both a reader and a straight USB port for connecting other things.

    Yes, my show is up and it will open on Saturday afternoon. Should be a lot of fun. Thanks.

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