Do I need RAW shooting?

I have been pondering this question very much lately. Earlier I was pure RAW shooter but because of the lack of proper RAW converter for Fuji X-Pro1 files I started to shoot JPEGs. Or wait a minute… It was actually much earlier than that. It was after buying Fuji X100. I was so stunned of its fantastic JPEGs. I have started lately to shoot also RAW to test if I can get more out of them as compared to JPEGs.

My own answer to this question is simple no. Fuji’s JPEG engine is so fantastic that usually I cannot do better with RAW files. And what I have noticed is that it really is possible to adjust JPEG quite much too. Much more than I have thought of.

Here are few shots taken with Fuji X-Pro1 and all of them are shot as JPEGs. Many of them have been adjusted quite much in LR.



  1. Most of your photography is outside or with natural light. I think you’ll appreciate the usefulness of RAW more as you shoot indoors with artificial light. Both Aperture and Lightroom have great tools for dealing with white balance that are best used on RAW files.

    That said, I too am shooting more jpegs with my smaller camera and when I get a Ricoh GRD IV I plan on shooting jpegs with it too.

    Many of us went overboard with RAW and treated using it as an all or nothing proposition but in fact, it’s not like we’re shooting film; we can switch back and forth at will in a single shooting session.

  2. I switched to JPEG too since I got the X100… the quality is simply great and I can’t even get the same result with RAW. I read something about chromatic aberrations too that is better handled in-camera.
    I shoot mostly in BW.. and the in-camera conversion is simply fantastic.. I only adjust contrast/lightness/brightness (eventually) with lightroom. Now I can enjoy shooting without spending too much time PP my images (we all agree it’s not a fun part.. ).

    Also, the camera offers many settings.. (film simulations, shadows, colors intensity,…etc.) so a great portion of lightroom is already in the camera! Play with those settings to find what suits you best…


  3. Very good points indeed, Richard and Tariq! I think the WB question is the biggest one to stay with RAW. Fuji’s cameras do, how ever, very good job in this respect. Usually auto WB is spot on.

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