Fuji X-Pro1 Review – six months in | Kevin Mullins

Good stuff on Fuji X-Pro1!


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I’ve now been using my Fuji X-Pro1 for around six moths professionally. Initially, I was commissioned by Professional Photographer magazine to test and review Fuji’s (then) latest addition to their X-Series camera range. I was so taken by the camera, that I got one straight away, along with the three lenses that were initially on offer. I’m a professional wedding photographer by trade and I specifically shoot in a reportage or documentary wedding photography style and the Fuji X-Pro1 seemed like a perfect tool for that job at the time. I already had the Fuji X100 which I also loved, and also used at weddings. However, there was always the nagging feeling that the X100 just wasn’t quite up to the mark for professional wedding photography – specifically the inability to change the lenses. I still have my X100, it’s battered and bruised and well loved. It’s my go-everywhere camera and I don’t intend to part with it, but when the Fuji X-Pro1 came along I was very excited by the opportunity that it gave me to compact the equipment I used, make it lighter and allow me to get in closer than ever before whilst still being as unobtrusive as possible. I recently took ownership of a Canon 1DX and whilst that is an amazing camera in it’s own right, it won’t be replacing my X-Pro1 at weddings. This won’t be a full technical review – you can find many of those on the Internet or indeed an more in depth review in my article at Professional Photographer magazine. This is more a findings overview, along with some pictures……

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