New strategy for focusing with X-Pro1

I tested today a new focusing method which utilizes manual focusing approach in Fuji X-Pro1. I put camera in manual focus mode and assigned auto focus in AE-L/AF-L button (on/off mode). That way I can focus camera using auto focus in manual focus mode and use manual focus to fine adjust the focus if needed. I feel that AF-L button locks focus faster in the manual focus that the trigger button in auto focus mode. So, usually pushing AF-L button once is enough to get spot on focus but then I have additionally the possibility to adjust focus manually if needed. I find the new (added in the FW 2.0) 3 x magnification very nice for manual focusing.

I combined this focusing method with auto ISO feature and put the camera's shutter speed into auto. In that way the camera uses shutter speeds of 1/52 and 1/90 for 35mm and 60mm lenses, respectively. Those values seem to be quite slow ones but I am getting really sharp shots using this approach. I have tested many other ways to focus and this seems to give sharpest results even if I would never thought so. Of course it would be nice (and also important) to be able to set a minimum shutter speed in auto ISO. X100, which has a 23mm lens, has this feature and I am using minimum shutter speeds between 1/80 – 1/125 depending on the situation.



    1. Actually I think that the most normal way to focus is to activate auto focus by pushing the trigger button. I just told there that this mix of auto and manual focus is a new focus methods for me which I have not used much earlier and which seems to produce better results than the “normal” way.

  1. Dang my friend you have been busy posting this month! I just checked this out on a whim and I come back to fourteen posts this month and now I will have to find time to read them. glad to see you back.

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