X-Pro1 with Voigtländer 90mm F3.5 SL II (EF-mount)

I have tried to sell this fantastic Voigtländer lens for a some time now but nobody has been really interested in it. Quite funny because it is a stellar manual focus lens for Canon SLRs. I really enjoyed it with my 5D Mk II. Well, I still have it but no Canon cameras, so I decided to test it with my Fuji X-Pro1. I found a cheap adapter (EOS-FX) from Fotodiox. This adapter is a very basic one having no electronical contacts. This means that I am limited to widest aperture (F3.5) with this lens because it does not have an aperture ring even if it is a full manual focus lens. This is of course quite a big minus. But I decided to test it anyways.

Fotodiox EOS-FX adapter seems to be nicely manufactured and it fits very well on the camera body as well as on the lens. The Voigtländer is a very heavy lens as compared to Fuji's XF lenses and I felt that the balance between the camera body and the lens was not optimal. At least this caused some problems hand-holding the camera in a steady manner. I have to admit that I had quite big problems to focus the lens properly when hand-holding the camera. The 90mm focal length corresponds 135mm in 35mm format. I couldn't get a proper focus using 1x magnification so I had to use 3x magnification. I find 3x very nice with Fuji's XF lenses but with 90mm heavy Voigtländer it was a different story. Almost impossible to me by hand-holding. Remember that I was limited to F3.5. The DoF is not very broad with that aperture. Of course the situation is different when using a tripod. Even then it was best to shoot some still objects. I found shooting portraits quite difficult even with a tripod.

To summarize, I think it is better to use lenses which have the ability to adjust aperture. This was quite silly test I think but I still may find some use for this lens with X-Pro1. One thing I didn't test this time was to try out Voigtländer's close-up lens. I will try that out later on and maybe post some close-up shot taken with that combination. Of course the wide aperture may have limitations for that kind of use. Below are few shots from my testing:

X-Pro1 with Fotodiox adapter and the Voigtländer lens.



  1. Hi Jonne,

    Interesting review and nice pics. I’m a bit confused because I thought that this Voigtlander lens had an aperture ring. So even if you use a very basic adapter without electronical contacts you should be able to set the aperture thanks to the ring. Am I wrong?

    Anyway thanks for this article

  2. Thanks, Etienne! The Canon version of this lens has no aperture ring (aperture is changed from the camera body). The Nikon version, however, has an aperture ring. That’s why this is quite confusing.

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