TNT rant

I have ordered something (more about this later, i.e. when the goods are delivered) and waiting the delivery. The delivery was actually today. But at 10:24 am. I am at work at those hours and they delivered to our home address. No phone call to me about the possible later time for delivery today from TNT. I had to call them to arrange everything. Blaah. And of course they won’t deliver to our address anymore today. So I asked them to deliver to our home address tomorrow. But not possible after I am back from work because it is too late. Well, I changed the delivery address to my work place. Of course I should have been wise enough in the first place to mark my work place as a delivery address. Hopefully they will deliver the goods to me tomorrow morning because at afternoon I have lectures and am not able to receive the delivery then.

Blaah. Again.

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