How to proceed with X-Pro1?

Earlier I stated that X-Pro1 is a great B&W camera. And that is fully true. I have decided now that I will shoot in color with it though. Then I will have the possibility to choose between different post-processing options including the fantastic B&W presets by VSCO Film. But many times I want to have color shots too. Sometimes vibrant ones and sometimes with muted colors.

Another important thing to test more is X-Pro1's RAW files. Especially now that I have faster computer (see the post below) I feel that I should give a possibility for RAWs too. Earlier I have tested them only quite occasionally. I am actually quite exited about RAW shooting now. I have looked through many great shots processed from RAW files in Flickr and those were not having that “smearing” problem.

A photo of my sons at the end of this post because they just had their birthdays and it was Father's Day yesterday:



  1. Jonne: Keep experimenting and you’ll come up with the right mix of camera/setting/processing that works for you. But, as you no doubt have learned over the years (like me), there is no single anything that works all the time.

    It may be that you want to set up your X100 for one kind of shooting and your X Pro-1 for another. Or, make presets on both that work in different conditions. Or, get another camera for certain conditions.

    All of my DSLR gear is now gone and I just have my little Canon S100 and a newer Canon G15. These will not be my only cameras, I will eventually get a new, higher end camera but I’m going to work with them for a while until it is obvious which way to go next. It may be that I go back to DSLR and get a 5D3 and 24-70mm f/2.8 II lens. Or, maybe a Fuji of some sort. I don’t know and some of what will influence me is the type of photography I want to do. At the moment my small cameras are doing fine so I’m in no rush to spend a lot of money on a new high end kit.

    I think you’re doing extremely well with the cameras you have and continued experimentation and documentation will no doubt lead to even better images and more comfort with the process.

  2. Hi Jonne,
    “those were not having that “smearing” problem. ”
    what’s this smearing problem?

    I actually switched to colour mode very recently too… after using the in-camera B&W conversion (in my X100) for some time. Although it is very well done, I have much more freedom when I do it in PP ..

  3. Richard, I agree and I am interested to see which way you will go eventually.

    Tariq, that “smearing” is like a water color effect in some photos. Especially if there are lots of green foliage.

    Thanks for comments both of you!

  4. Jonne I think the work you are doing is great. I have been using only my smart phone and its camera as my primary camera which has been interesting and challenging in itself.

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