Initial thoughts on Sigma DP2 Merrill

I got my new DP2 Merrill yesterday evening. When I opened the package and took the camera in my hand I was smiling. It really feels solid and very well made. I got the feeling that I am holding a Braun or Junghans product. I immediately felt “home” with it. Maybe even more than with my late Fuji X100. Menu system is simple and easy to understand and use. QS (Quick Set) button and system is a joy to use. Fast access to the most needed features like ISO, metering, and WB.

I feel the focusing is quite fast. And it is really accurate. Have to say that DP2M focuses faster than my Fuji X-Pro1 (even with the XF 35mm lens). Quite funny actually because DP2M does not even have a focusing assist light. So, I am very pleased in this respect. The whole camera is nicely responsive.

The battery life is quite horrible and you have to remember to keep both supplied batteries charged all the time. Fortunately I never shoot lots of shots in one instance, so I believe this is not going to be a very big problem to me. Writing times to memory card (I use a 95 Mb/s card) are slow. Camera has a 7 shot buffer which helps the situation a lot because you can still shoot with the camera when it is writing the files.

Awesome. That’s my overall initial feeling. More later.

F2.8, 1/20, ISO 400.


  1. Hi Jonne, Do you remember me suggesting that you might look at the X-pro1 in a new light? (I sold mine immediately after seeing the output from the Merrills 🙂 I hope you enjoy the amazing DP2 as much as I do. I was really impressed with how responsive and quick it was to use – and frankly quite disappointed that there seemed to be a consensus that it was ‘sluggish’ (Steve Huff did a rather comic commentary that seems to have become the received wisdom) – Personally, I was taken aback by how rapidly the DP started up, focused and took pictures. It is slow to write the files but they are huge files?

    I look forward to reading your thoughts.

    Best wishes


    (Lovely picture of the dog too.)

  2. Wow Jonne! I have to admit the feriocity in which you go through camers is astounding (: but that’s just my jealously speaking out. I am curious about the new toy, but I admire your pics from it are quite good.

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