Sigma DP2 Merrill indoors

I have shot some more pics with DP2M indoors. It is very clear that you will need quite good lighting (either artificial or from window) to be able to use this camera indoors especially at these dark months when daytime is very short. This camera is good only up to ISO 400 when shooting color shots. With B&W you can go up to ISO 800 or even 1600 depending on the amount of grain you would like to achieve. It is actually not bad looking grain and suits well to B&W shots (I'll post some examples later). Of course ISO 400 is not much. You easily have quite long shutter speeds with that ISO when shooting in available light indoors. You'll need very steady hands or a tripod. I can be quite comfortable with 1/30 – 1/50 shutter speeds to get sharp shots of still objects but with slower than that it will be pure luck every time. The 46 Mp Foveon sensor produces so sharp shots that it will not forgive any movement. For indoor shooting I would like to have a lens with slightly wider aperture, maybe F2.

Taken together DP2M is quite tricky camera for indoor shooting. I knew this beforehand so it is not a surprise to me. I am delighted though that I am able to shoot at least some usable shots indoors even now when available light is very scarce.

1/20, F2.8, ISO 400

1/13, F2.8, ISO 400


  1. This seems to be my problem with the Canon G15 too. I’m seriously considering getting a Sony RX100; many of the indoor sans-flash shots I’ve seen from it are excellent although it’s tough to get out of the flickr posters how much processing they did to de-noise the image, many of them look pretty clean out of camera. Then there’s the Sony RX 1 which is starting to show up on flickr…

  2. Richard, one of my friends is having RX100 and it really is a nice camera. I am thinking about it too. Very small and quite capable camera. Of course RX1 is a very tempting one but also very expensive (over 3000 euros here). I may also think to try out Leica X2.

  3. Jonne: I’ve rented an RX100 for the end of this week for my trip to California. Hopefully I can get a good taste of it and see if either it or it’s more expensive cousin the RX1 is something I might want to try. I do want a larger sensor camera and what I don’t know is whether I could live with a fixed prime lens on that camera or not. Quite a bit of my photography makes use of longer focal lengths. Not that I can’t rent a DSLR and a few long lenses for projects, I can, but I’m just not sure how I want to go at this point.

    So, best to do nothing or rent when one isn’t sure. I’ll try to give the RX100 a workout the end of this week and we’ll see if I can live with Sony’s ergonomics.

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