Part III

I have cancelled the switch plan of my X-Pro1 for Nikon D600. I realized that I already have two phenomenal cameras. I should learn them more now and be more happy of the shots I take with them. I am many times too critical for my photographic work and that makes me think if there would be some kind of a wonder camera somewhere. And of course there is no such thing.

Thank you Jesse and Richard for your wise thoughts on this matter. Highly appreciated.

Here are two latest shots taken with my fantastic cameras:

X-Pro1 with XF 35mm lens. Converted from RAW in LR. 1/100, F1.4, ISO 2500.
Sigma DP2 Merrill. Converter from RAW in Sigma Photo Pro with additional post-processing in LR. 1/50, F2.8, ISO 400.


  1. Good thinking Jonne. No doubt new cameras will continue to come out and maybe one will strike your fancy but you’re getting such great results from what you have it’s tough to see a reason to spend all that money on an entirely new system. I too am sitting on my hands although I’ve got the small Sony RX100 with me in LA and tomorrow I’ll try it out a bit.

  2. Yesterday evening I got so frustrated with X-Pro1 AF (even with XF 35mm lens) indoors that I did a crazy thing and took that Nikon D600 (I am going to exchange my X-Pro1 to Nikon so no money will be transferred). I also tried out my XF 60mm lens yesterday evening and the focus hunts almost all the time. My Sigma DP2 Merrill focuses much better in indoor lighting even if I have to stay at ISO 400 in max. I am positive that I am going to have better AF with Nikon (plus an on-board flash for very tricky situations).

  3. Jonne: Wow, you are even more impulsive than me, and that’s saying something. No more Fuji, eh? Amazing.

    I’m really enjoying the image quality of the Sony RX100. I just took some pictures at the Getty Center with both it and my Canon S100 and both turned out very well. I think both the RX100 and the RX1 are worth considering, Sony is really on to something. I don’t like the ergonomics as well as Canon but the image quality is quite spectacular, and, the RX100 is very small, very well built, and while not cheap, it’s not too bad. I have to return it on Monday but I’m pretty sold on it and might have to get one at some point.

    I will do a lot to avoid getting a DSLR for a while, I like the smaller, lighter cameras and if I can get them making images to my liking that I can print relatively large, I’ll be very happy.

    1. Thanks, Richard! I may be impulsive time to time but as concerning X-Pro1 AF I think it is not my impulsiveness which caused me to leave the Fuji camp. X-Pro1 has a phenomenal image quality but of course only after you achieve a proper focus. That camera has no focus flaws whatsoever in good lighting conditions. But when we are indoors and not even in very bad lighting the AF hunts all the time. That’s quite much the fact even after highly-praised firmware 2.0. I can easily stand heavier camera if it is able to focus better than X-Pro1. Another funny thing with X-Pro1 is that Fuji has not provided set-up for the minimum shutter speed in auto ISO even if it has been the most wanted fix besides AF among users. I think this has to do something with X-Trans sensor because X100 was having that feature from day zero.

      Nice to hear that you are quite pleased with RX100. I have tested it briefly too and my only complaint was that the camera body was quite slippery in hands. I am not sure if I will go for RX1. It is very expensive and not having even an EVF. but mirrorless FF interchangeable lens camera would be very interesting one!

  4. Jonne: So, I’m curious. Why not return to Canon DSLR? You’ve come full circle from the 5D Mark II. I think the Mark III has very good AF as does the 6D. Just curious on why the move to Nikon.

    Since I don’t use flash at all, low light AF is very important to me as well as is being able to get a relatively clean shot in low light. The bigger sensor cameras seem to have the noise issue solved but each camera seems to have a slightly different AF system which makes comparisons hard.

    I like the IQ of the RX100, not the ergonomics. If Canon’s EOS M had decent AF and a few more native lenses I’d give that one a try. We’ll see on the next version of it.

  5. Wow my friend, after reading your three posts, I feel like you have had an epic journey with these cameras. I am surprised that you may jump into the Nikon camp, but I can understand how frustrating working with a slow AF can be. Are you going to make the switch then? One thing has remained consistent in that no matter what camera you are using or what software you are testing, your images are always heart warming and wonderful. I am so glad to see you are still shooting as much as ever. I hope the season is treating you well my friend, I miss our frequent correspondences. Take care my friend.

      1. I always enjoy reading your posts my friend, I just don’t get the time as much as I would like. I have some exciting news to share with you my friend as well, seems Liz and I are going to be parents in the New Year….so I haven’t upgraded my camera gear in four years, I feel with this new addition I too will be upgrading some to capture those special moments. I wish the best for you and yours this holiday season.

  6. Aaaawww! These are so superb news! I am so extremely happy for you both. You really made my day and week and Christmas. Just fantastic and this is really a good reason to upgrade the camera gear. 🙂

  7. Hi,
    I am pretty much in the same situation. I went from Canon 5D MKII to Sony Nex-5n, Nex-7 and now the Fujis. I also feel that all of these cameras are great, if you have time, but taking candids of the children is really not easy. One day, I feel like selling the whole Fuji stuff, the other day I feel I should just get more practice in managing the camera…
    It will be very interesting to see how you feel about using the D600 – that would also be the one I was looking at. I also have the Pentax K-5 in mind, because it’s quite small. I would be interestedk to know, whether you considered other options.
    Kind regards,

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