Nice dynamic range and exposure by DP2M

We were yesterday at Kaapo's Christmas party and I took Sigma DP2 Merrill with me. I knew that it most certainly will be a catastrophic journey photographically because the stage will not be properly lit and there will be a need for higher ISOs that DP2M can stand.

But immediately when I started to shoot I realized that first of all the camera focused very fast in those tricky conditions. Secondly, I saw already from the camera's LCD that exposure is very nice in all shots. Wow. What was happening? I really did not expect that good results.

Here is a shot from Kaapo's song performance. I used evaluative exposure, ISO 400, and the shutter speed was 1/30 and aperture 2.8.


  1. Interesting that you chose the DP2M for this occasion. I’ve always found AF a real hit/miss on low light conditions. It seems that changing the size of focusing point helps, but it’s not as constant and comforting as the (notoriously bad) X100. Maybe I need more practice 🙂

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