First days with Nikon D600

As some of you may know I have switched my Fuji X-Pro1 set for Nikon D600 and two lenses, Nikkor 50mm and 85mm 1:1.8 G. I am very pleased that I did this exchange. I have been missing full frame after selling my 5D Mk II but most of all I was missing proper and fast auto focus with X-Pro1. Now, with D600, I have those both and I am happy.

I got D600 last Saturday and have been learning to use it since that. I have never had any kind of a Nikon camera before so I had to learn its buttons etc. I have to say that the learning curve have been quite low for me. No big things there.

Learning Nikon’s AF system have taken some time though. I have tested all of its AF possibilities and now I have found a system which suits me well. I use continuous-servo AF (AF-C) almost exclusively. With AF-C I utilize back-button focusing and I have assigned AF-ON to AE-L/AF-L button at the back of the camera ( I feel that the camera is most secure in this way in my hands even if I have to squeeze my thumb in because I am a left-eye shooter). This is a good system because I am able to keep camera in AF-C all the time and still get single AF by pushing AF-ON button and releasing it. After that I can recompose the shot if needed. If I keep AF-ON depressed all the time the camera will continuously track the subject. In this system I do not have to change the AF mode to get single or continuous servo AF. For AF area I mainly use 9-point dynamic area which works nicely also in dim lighting conditions. Single AF point is a good option when shooting e.g. close-ups. Because I have assigned AE-L button for activating AF I assigned AE-L to Fn button (front side of the camera) and spot metering to Preview button (also on the front side). Now I can use spot metering with exposure lock conveniently and fast if I need them.

The camera is really focusing fast even in dim indoor lighting. No more focus hunting! I really suffered about it with X-Pro1. I think that a proper AF is one of the main things in a camera. At least then if you want to shoot any moving subjects.

More of my Nikon D600 thoughts later on.


  1. Nice combo. Like you said, Fuji AF is horrible with moving subjects. Custom button arrangement seems like a great feature when you learn your preference. Getting more and more interesting..

    It’s either great and consistent AF or great vf and responsive MF. Nowadays you can’t find many cameras in the latter category.

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