It seems I have to do some S(mart) moves

As some of my readers may know I am always doing very fast moves considering camera purchases. Usually too fast moves. But now it seems that I have to do a S(mart) move soon.

What I mean here is that Fuji has will be announcing a new X100S in CES next week. And I have to say that the specs of that beauty really rock! I really loved my late X100 but still something was missing. The new S incorporates even faster AF, focus peaking, and new split image system (for manual focusing). They replace the old APS-C sensor with new version of X-Trans sensor which produces fantastic images but do not have decent RAW support yet. I hope Adobe and Apple and others would now see that X-Trans sensors are here to stay and develop good RAW support for that sensor type.

I am very excited about the S. I would like to offer a loving home for it.

More about its specs here.


  1. I saw this announcement too, both the X100 and the X10 are being updated. Best to clean up that Nikon…

    I’m considering returning the Sony RX100. It makes fantastic images but is a pain in the ass to use compared with my Canons. For me (not you), I’m not sure Fuji would be any more fun to use no matter what the IQ or AF or new features. The only small camera I liked using was the Ricoh GRD IV but alas, I could not read its screen easily without my reading glasses.

    I’ve rented the EOS M for my upcoming trip to California. I know, it’s a dog but I want to see what the images look like coming out of it, even with its slow AF. If it can make nice images I’ll wait for the next version of it in which Canon is said to include a viewfinder and faster AF.

    Lots of interesting choices these days.

  2. Yep, lots and lots of choices. We can say almost too many choices, unfortunately. Browsing different sites takes too much time from the real photography.

    I am very interested to see what you can get out from EOS M. I think slow AF is not any problem if you do not shoot children, pets, or other wild things. Unfortunately, we do not have good (if any) rental shops here. Would be nice to rent a new camera model e.g. for a weekend and test it before any decisions.

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