I used AUTO Mode! Do not tell anybody…

I have been somehow struggling with my Nikon D600. It feels very good but has really many options to tinker, too. Sometimes I am buried into the menus and changing things up and down, left and right. After all that mess I think that I have found perfect options for my shooting…

And I shoot lousy pics. And I tinker more… Less-lousy pics. Tinker more. Even lousier results.

After all this I thought that maybe I would need somekind of additional advice besides the camera manual. I was in process to look after some D600 ebooks from the web. I found Rob Sylvan’s eBook and decided to try it out. I was immediately quite delighted about it because it is written from the photography point of view. Not so technical but giving nice hints to really use D600. There are of course many things I already know but this book made me turn the mode switch to AUTO. AUTO! I do not even remember when I have used that mode previous time.

I shot few pics in AUTO. When I reviewed them from camera’s LCD I was surprised. They were good. Actually really good. I was looking around me if anybody sees that I am in AUTO. My sons did not comment on that and also our dogs were cool with that too. Then that eBook revealed to me that there is flash-off AUTO mode too. Wow, I really did not even realize that before. Available light AUTO! Had to test that too. Nice!

Because of this eBook, I think I am going to keep my D600. I love full frame and I was already thinking about Sony RX1. But I already have a FF camera. I just have to learn to use it properly. And that damned AUTO mode gave me extra boost to learn more.



  1. Jonne: As you know, I think the “real men don’t use Auto mode” is a crock of shit. Real men take pictures with their cameras in whatever mode they want. If the pictures are great, great. If not, try again.

    Using a camera ought not be an intelligence test, even if the image quality of the camera is worth it. If the camera doesn’t fall into the background relatively soon then you’re spending too much time with the tool, not enough with using it.

    With that said, I’m getting a lot more comfortable with my little Sony RX100 and I’ve now got it set up so that it works close to the way I want it to. It still has many things about it that annoy me but I’m learning to live with them. Again, I want it to fall into the background so I can simply shoot and it’s getting closer to doing that.

    I like the idea of the RX1 and my new found comfort with Sony’s OS makes me consider it a bit more seriously. But, I do not like having such an expensive camera with a single focal length. At least not the way I’m shooting now. If Sony made an RX like camera with a lens that went from 24-70 at a constant aperture (f/2.8) I’d be very interested in it.

    Are you selling the Sigma? If you’re going to get another small camera, I think you should consider the RX100, I would be interested in your take on it.

  2. Jonne: Instead of auto, try P. You get to control ISO and a few other things but the camera makes the exposure for you. I use it on my small cameras all the time, very useful when I don’t care about depth of field.

  3. Jesse, that’s interesting. Are you going to sell DP2M? I think you should keep it. You shoot fantastic stuff with it. I am now very much wanting X100S. I really am quite frustrated with all the adjustment possibilities with my D600. Too much to fiddle with.

  4. I have the itch for a digital rangefinder. I realized I’ve always craved for the user experience, and still I’m always making compromises towards absolute image quality with my purchases. I bought X100 instead of M8 back in the days, and to be honest it didn’t quite do the trick for me. Hybrid finder is nice, but focusing issues made me use mostly EVF. If I’m going for the M8 or M8.2, then I’m probably keeping the Sigma. However, with M9 my budget might be a bit too stretched for keep 2 digital cameras.. And on the other hand I don’t want to carry a total of 3 cameras in my bag anyway 🙂

    I’ve been blurting out my thoughts at http://blog.ananas.fi for some days now. X100s seems really interesting especially with focus peaking, but I have my doubts about the responsiveness of the lens focus ring in manual work. Sigma is way better than the original X100 in MF work, but I still can’t feel completely satisfied. It’s always a compromise to use only one camera, and I feel like we have the same method of trial and error in finding out the really important factors 🙂

  5. Jesse, I am going to buy X100S. Have you noticed that it has a split screen system in addition to focus peaking to assist MF? I saw some video about MF in X100S and focus ring responsiveness seemed to be quite fast with short movements needed.

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