I am done…

…with all that tinkering. Yes, I just sold my Nikon D600 with 50/1.8 G and 85/1.8 G lenses. There were few reasons why I did it.

First, I was really going to suffocate in the camera menus trying to figure out endless AF possibilities and also other camera adjustments. I was never happy with my current adjustments. Enough is enough.

Second, full frame is nice but usually I had to stop down quite much to get subjects both eyes sharp. And stopping down in low light situations means you have to use flash (which I do not like to use) or use high ISOs. It seems that APS-C sensor would be perfect for me. Nice shallow DoF but not so tricky to achieve sharp shots.

Third, I hate to change lenses. I really hate that. Actually, after buying 85mm lens I was solely using it. So, it seems that I do not need an interchangeable lens camera.

Fourth, it is a big beast. I am into smaller cameras. I really can’t understand when I will realize this. I hopefully have now realized it.

So, what is going to happen next. One part of the answer to this question is ready. I will order Fuji X100S immediately it will be available. I loved my late X100. I know I will love X100S much more. Another part of the answer is not so clear. Will I need another new camera for casual shooting? Small capable zoom compact maybe? Sony RX100?

And I am keeping my Sigma DP2 Merrill. It is so nice to own peculiar things which will surprise you very positively now and then.



  1. Jonne: I knew this was coming but I kept my mouth shut. But, I’m not sure I agree with your reasoning about full frame. What’s wrong with stopping down to get both eyes in focus? I thought you liked to isolate your subjects from their backgrounds and a full frame camera will make that a lot easier.

    However, I’m not surprised you didn’t care for Nikon’s menus… I’ve always found Nikon ergonomics problematic for me. However, I find Fuji’s problematic too and you got used to the X100 (loved it).

    I do think that’s the best move for you and you might consider the Sony RX100 as well. I’m quite content with it as my main camera for a while until I decide on one with a bigger sensor (RX1 or maybe X100s).

    I think you made the right move. Keep on searching and trading around, you won’t find the perfect camera but you’ll get closer on each move as you learn what you want and don’t want.

  2. More cameras, more confusion on what to use.. Always compromising something, and always feeling you don’t have the right gear with you. Or then you might end up happy, who knows. I think it’s a question of attitude, settling with something and going with it. But how to settle, and on what grounds?

    X100s has interesting stuff. And more controversies than the original one. If focus peaking is working (demo videos seem interesting), is the electronic mf ring still a pain in the ass in low light? X-trans sensor brings a better image quality (though I actually think there’s nothing wrong with the original), but will there ever be a decent raw support for that? More compromises ahead.. 🙂

  3. Have you considered the Olympus OMD or Sony NEX? The high ISO on the NEX is great, and just about everything I have read about the Olympus is positive. Voigtlander also do some nice glass for the Olympus. Be careful, the quest for the perfect camera is an endless, fruitless treasure hunt, though you might have some fun on the journey!

  4. Hi Simon! Nice to hear from you. How are you?

    I am not searching a perfect camera but a suitable camera(s) for my shooting needs. That is actually quite bad that you now mentioned OM-D because it has been one of my options for some time. 😉 I already decided (?) that I will go with Fuji X100S but Olympus really has fantastic primes for m4/3 cameras. And it seems that m4/3 sensors are very good nowadays. I had (actually my wife still uses it) Pen EP-1 so I know something about m4/3 world. I also agree with you that Voigtländer makes wonderful lenses (had three of them earlier).

    So, back to the camera reviews and blogs…

    Edit: I forgot to mention that I already have two lenses for m4/3: Panasonic’s 20/1.7 and 45-200 zoom…

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