750 € to waste

Okay, okay, not to waste but buy a new camera! I sold my D600 set and after buying Fuji X100S I would have some 750 euros (in max) to buy another camera. Why would I need another one?

I have now only Sigma DP2 Merrill which is very specialized camera for low ISO work only. So this means outdoors in good light or using tripod to shoot stationary things. For my main camera I am going to purchase Fuji X100S which has a fixed prime lens as does the Sigma. I thought that maybe I’ll need a more versatile compact zoom camera to complement those two.

There are of course quite many options but I would like to have little bit larger sensor than the basic compacts have. It seems that the ultimate (?) option at the moment would be Sony RX100. But of course I can get many other models with less serious money. Fuji XF1, Canon S110, Olympus XZ-2, Pentax MX-1. Lots of Xs in the model names. Should I go for Canon because it does not have an X? I really don’t know. I have not used compact zoom cameras lately (well occasionally of course) so I am not very familiar how they perform.

All opinions on this money wasting action are very welcome!


  1. Get the Sony (I can’t believe I said that), the IQ is incredible. There is no doubt about it. I will be amazed if you get it and don’t like the images it produces.

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