One-camera approach

I have almost all time owned two or three cameras. I do not, however, have time to use all of them effectively and I am all the time pondering which one to take with me if I am going to a trip or a photo walk. Now that I have found a fantastic camera, Olympus OM-D, I have decided to have it and m4/3 system as my sole camera.

I have never had been so pleased on a camera as I am now. Perfect DoF, bokeh, and sharpness in one small package. Somebody has stated that “Save for camera bodies, spend for lenses”. Or something like that it was. I think I am going to do that way. Micro four thirds system has lots of fantastic lenses. I am very much into prime lenses as some of my readers may know. I have 20/1.7, 30/2.8, and 45/1.8 primes for m4/3 at the moment. All those are very nice small primes. But something is missing.

When I had Canon system (APS-C and FF) I had a lens which I really loved. That lens was the most difficult thing to give up when I changed to Fuji that time. The lens was Canon 200/2.8 L. I am quite much into longer focal lengths. Not so much into wide ones. For m4/3 system there is fortunately a savior for my longing for 200 mm. It is the Olympus 75/1.8. It is 150mm equivalent in 35mm format so not quite 200mm but it is the longest prime in m4/3 system. I have seen only highly praising reviews about it. It is quite expensive (829 €) but it seems to be a fantastic piece of metal and glass. Now that I sold my Sigma DP2M I will use that money to by this lens. I know I need a longer prime and here it is.

I suppose that in one year time (maybe earlier) there will be next version of OM-D camera body. I will save for that. By then I will have fantastic lenses for m4/3 system.


  1. It’s great that you found something that you love Jonne. All the tech stuff is one thing but true enjoyment of the tools is quite another and they don’t always match: the cameras we love may not be best or smallest or sharpest but there is some magic about them that makes them work for us, and, of course, they can make images that suit us.

  2. Incredible the long search for the perfect camera body comes to a rest then? this feels like the end to an epic journey, but I am looking forward to what images you capture. Doea Jenni still use the ep1?

  3. I did test the Sony RX1 in New York and it is one amazing camera. However, I felt almost immediately that it is not the camera for me. It’s a lot of money to spend on a camera with a fixed prime lens and since I’m not shooting many portraits or street scenes I felt that the single focal length would be too constricting for the type of photography I do.

    I’m going to stick with what I have for a while longer and just sit on my hands (and credit card).

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